So, things are clicking away here at ARPCO and a lot has happened behind the scenes to get us this far, so we thought we would give you some updates.

In no particular order….

  • Association is now fully registered as an “Incorporated Association”
    The Australian Remote Pilots and Certified Operators became a fully incorporated association in July 2017, lodged with the Department of Fair Trading NSW. Registration Number: INC1701007


  • Website and Facebook updates
    The ARPCO website and Facebook pages will start to go through some changes as we assume the same identities across all platforms. We ask you to be patient while we get these changes in place. Registration will open once we have all the systems in place to support it all. Hopefully not long.


  • Logos and identity created
    We have created our identities and logos and you will now start to see them branded on things like the website, letterhead etc etc.


  • Lot’s more admin etc
    There is so much happening behind the scenes to get the association fully functional. It is taking longer than we would like, but people are busy and we are all volunteers, so please bare with us. Hopefully not long now. How exciting!

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