Membership is now open!

Membership is now open!

Membership is now open!

We are finally here!! ARPCO is now available for members to sign up and become part of the association. We must thank the hard work of all of the volunteers that made this all possible.

What happens next?

Well, ARPCO is already working hard to secure benefits for its members. We already in talks with an insurance provider to offer members better deals on insurance. ARPCO is preparing a response to the recent CASA discussion paper and we will have that available in the Member’s Area shortly. We will also have logos and media available for you shortly to proudly display on your marketing material. We will looking for suppliers who wish to get onboard as corporate sponsors of the association, and we will look to secure better deals on hardware and drone related products for our member base.

Much more to come too! So stay tuned. If you haven’t yet, hit the button below and come join us.

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