Who is ARPCO?

ARPCO is an abbreviation for Australian Remote Pilots & Certified Operators.  We are a not for profit incorporated association who’s sole purpose to is to be a voice for the RPAS industry in Australia.  We want to protect the RPAS industry for all of you whom have invested in it.

Do I have to join ARPCO?

No!  Not at all – but we would like you to!

The more remote pilots and certified operators we have in the group, the more of a voice we will have in this industry.

How much does it cost to become a member?

We currently have 2 levels of membership.

Ordinary Member – These members get full voting rights and will have access to all of the benefits offered to members.  We are securing deals with insurance companies, drone providers, lawyers etc etc,  to give generous discounts to full members.  You must hold a RePL or be an owner of an organisation that has a ReOC in order to be accepted as an Ordinary Member

Associate Members – These members are non certified members, whom would like to participate in ARPCO, but do not hold the necessary certifications yet.  Maybe you are looking to become a certified pilot, or would just like to be involved.  Note – Associate Members can not vote at elections, or any general meeting issues.

Can I leave ARPCO

Of course you can!  Anytime.  There is no hidden agendas here, you can opt out anytime you like.

I have a concern. Can I raise it?

Yes you can!  We have a public forum where you can raise any concerns you have with the industry as a whole, or a certain aspect of it.  We can be found on Facebook – search for ARPCO, or you can contact us directly.

I need help with an issue, can ARPCO help me?

Yes we will!  That is exactly what ARPCO is about.  If you have questions you need answered, or you are dealing with CASA, and need some advice, that is what we are here for.

How do I join?

Easy.  CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the Membership section of our site.

Still having other questions?
ARPCO runs a Facebook forum for remote pilots to join in the discussion.  You can visit this forum and request to become a member.  Please note that this form is moderated, and so please respect your fellow pilots.

Have more questions?
If you have more questions on becoming a member, or becoming a corporate member, or maybe want to sponsor the association, then please feel free to contact us anytime.  We are always happy to chat to fellow pilots and operators.

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